Please submit your application and email your assessment work.


The assessments contain two parts. The first part is data assessment. You will be provided with two datasets. The second part is comprehension assessment. You are required to write an essay to interpret your findings.

Part-I: Data Assessment

In this assessment, you are required two process the data and produce visualizations.

  1. Two datasets, info.csv and FIPS_Code.csv are freely available from the USDA. The FIPS codes are unique to each county. Please load the two datasets. You can use any programming language you wish such as Python, R, Julia etc.
  2. Using the info.csv dataset:
    1. Construct two new columns: "County" and "State" by using the variable "Area_name."
      (e.g. "Bell County, KY" should have County value "Bell County" and State value "KY" without any whitespace.)
    2. Check if any variable has missing data?
    3. If there are missing values, decide on how best to handle them in the code.
    4. How many unique counties are there?
    5. Please list out all unique states in alphabetical order.
  3. Using the FIPS_Code dataset:
    1. How many counties does California (CA) have?
    2. Please list out all the states, except CA, that have County value "Orange County".
    3. Add county FIPS code (variable FIPS_Code) to the info dataset.
  4. Again, from the info.csv dataset:
    1. Plot the county level income heatmap by "Median_Household_Income_2019" and add the title "Household Income at County Level" to the figure.
    2. Save the figure as a PDF file: county_income.pdf.
  5. Please submit: county_income.pdf and computer code for the above tasks (in one file).

Part-II: Comprehensive Assessment

In this assessment, you are required to write an essay. In max 1,000 words write and give a summary (and catchy) title to a short essay telling your story on the two Figures below. For the title it would be great to think of it as a tweet (early 140 characters limit).